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Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system that helps ensure the safety of foods. It is used to identify potential problems and implement corrections before they reach consumers. While no longer recognized as a GFSI-approved standard for certificates issued after January 1, 2012, HACCP is mandatory for regulated dairy, seafood and juice products and for meat and poultry products under jurisdiction of the USDA. Food safety HACCP Plans are usually implemented within manufacturing, distribution, food service and retail facilities. Federal regulations require periodic verifications of HACCP plans.


How our Experienced SQF Food Safety Consultants can Benefit your Business

Our affordable HACCP-certified experts have broad knowledge about food safety regulations and how they are enforced. All our experienced consultants are HACCP accredited and provide affordable HACCP-certified training at either your facility or a convenient location.

We listen to your concerns and prepare training customized to satisfy your unique needs. With our expertise and seasoned experience, you may rest assured that your food products satisfy FDA requirements and are safe for public consumption. And our affordable Gold Star Maintenance Program will ensure that your HACCP program is ready for verification audits, while also helping you to pass unannounced FDA audits and avoid costly product recalls.

Our Professional Food Safety Consulting Services Include:

Presentation of HACCP prerequisites.

Analyzing your current operation for food hazards and identifying requirements to become HACCP compliant.

Helping you to prepare a HACCP Plan and Food Safety Management System that addresses your unique operations, including establishing testing programs.

Certified HACCP training, either at your site or at a convenient location.

Conducting pre-HACCP audits to ensure your readiness.

Onsite training for those charged with implementing and managing your food safety quality system, assuring correct application of SQF-required programs and records.

Helping you to quickly implement any corrective actions resulting from a HACCP Plan audit.

How can your Business Ensure your HACCP Plan will Pass a Verification Audit? What Investment is Required? How Long will It Take?

How can your business become HACCP verified? This detailed report explains the steps involved and provides you with an estimate for consulting, Certifying Body and auditing fees. It also gives you an idea of the timeframe typically required for a company like yours to achieve SQF food safety certification.

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