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Affordable Certification to the International Food Standard (IFS)

Our IFS Consultants can Help You Achieve Certification for German, French and Italian Retail Brands

IFS is particularly suitable if you are a supplier of German, Italian and French retailer branded food products regardless of your size, sector and location. It applies to all the post-farm gate stages of food processing and can only be used when a product is “processed” or when there is a hazard for product contamination during the primary packing.

IFS is a benchmark certification standard under the Global Food Safety Initiative. GFSI’s governing principle is "Once Certified, Accepted Everywhere."


How our Experienced IFS Food Safety Consultants can Benefit your Business

Our expert IFS food safety consultants provide affordable in-house expertise without having to staff internal resources. They will adapt our proven turnkey approach to IFS certification to satisfy your unique requirements.

We provide onsite training with minimal disruption of ongoing operations. Our consultants work closely with your personnel to prepare necessary documentation, procedures and food safety management systems that ensure compliance with IFS food safety regulations and supplier requirements. In the process, we will assist you in streamlining existing procedures to conform to IFS standard requirements. We even perform an internal audit to confirm your readiness for the Registrar audit.
Moreover, we will help you to quickly overcome any certifying audit discrepancies and work with you to ensure preparedness for subsequent audits. And our affordable Gold Star Maintenance Program will ensure that your food safety program is ready for re-certification audits, while also helping you to pass unannounced audits and avoid costly product recalls. In short, our food safety consultants take the worry out of becoming - and retaining - GFSI certification.

Our Professional IFS Food Safety Consulting Services Include:

Presentation of IFS principles to management and affected personnel.

Performing a gap analysis and identifying requirements for your business to become IFS compliant.

Helping you to prepare documented procedures and work instructions to create a quality management system that addresses your unique food safety requirements.

Onsite training for those charged with implementing and managing your QMS.

Conducting internal audits to ensure your readiness for Registrar audits of required documents, programs and records. Helping you to quickly satisfy any corrective actions resulting from a Certification Audit of your IFS documents and facility. Working with you thereafter to assure your readiness for the annual re-certification audits.

How Can your Business become IFS Certified? What Investment is Required? How Long will It Take?

How can your business and facilities become IFS certified? This detailed report explains the steps involved and provides you with an estimate for consulting, Certifying Body and auditing fees. It also gives you an idea of the timeframe typically required for a company like yours to achieve IFS food safety certification.

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Affordable Onsite IFS Food Safety Consulting