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Affordable Gold Star Food Safety Maintenance Program

Most GFSI Certifications Require an Annual Audit and FDA Site Inspections can Shut a Facility Down

Don't Risk your Certification or Business - We can Help your Company to Maintain a High Level of Food Safety and Audit Readiness!

Now that you have an operational food safety program, protect your investment with our customized Gold Star Annual Maintenance Program. We will help you maintain your programs and level of readiness to ensure compliance with food safety standards, the Food Safety Modernization Act and FDA regulations.


How our Affordable Custom Gold Star Annual Food Safety Maintenance Program can Benefit your Business

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Our certified consultants will visit your facilities periodically to review program compliance with food safety standards; completeness of document management systems, policies, practices and procedures; and readiness for periodic certification audits or FDA inspections. If incremental training is necessary, we will accomplish that too.

Our annual maintenance service is not "one size fits all." We work with you to create a customized annual maintenance program that satisfies your unique needs and budget.

Our Gold Star Annual Food Safety Maintenance Program Includes:

Periodic visits by a qualified food safety consultant to your facility.

Training for personnel and new employees. 

Early warning system to alert management of potential problems to avoid costly pitfalls or litigation.

Periodic review of your food safety policies, procedures, and required record keeping. Identification of potential problems and suggested corrective actions.

Access to a food safety expert when questions arise. We also provide advice to maintain compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), FDA and GFSI requirements.

Conducting pre-audits to assist in readiness for annual food safety re-certification audits.

Don't Risk your Food Safety Certification or Business!

Now that you have achieved a verified HACCP Plan or GFSI certification, protect your investment. The FSMA has created an evolving landscape of new regulations, and unannounced FDA inspections are becoming the norm. If your food safety program is not current, your facility can be shut down. You also risk costly recalls and civil or criminal litigation. Add Food Safety Consultants to your management team through our cost-effective Gold Star Maintenance Program!

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